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Workout of the Day

A reminder–tomorrow we’re cleaning out/taking down the storeroom. Open gym is 11-2, we’d love any help we can get. Super bowl party is 4:30 at John and Amaria’s house. All are welcome!

Warmup start this at 10:00
Do all of Crossover symmetry, then:
4 rounds of:
3 paused bench up to workout weight
4 devil’s presses
4 front squats

Lift start this at 25:00
Bench Press
3×5 between 80-85%

CrossFit Workout start this at 40:00
Devil’s press 2x 35/25
DB front squats 2x 35/25

rx+ 2×45/30

Cooldown start this at 55:00
1:00 forearm smash
then easy movement for as long as you have time

Coach’s Note
This one will feel interminable in the middle sets, but as long as you keep moving on the devil’s presses, you will be fine. You’re halfway done after round of 8! The squats should be light, the devil’s presses should be moderate.

5 sets of:
5-4-3-2-1 Unbroken strict HSPU

rest 1:1

So–you’ll do 5 unbroken strict hspu, kick down. Do 4 as soon as you feel ready, all the way down to 1. You have to come off the wall in between sets. After you’re done with 1, you rest for as long as 5-1 took you, and then do it all over again.

1:00 lat foam roll
1:00 (accumulated) supinated passive hang
50 DU or 100 single unders

3 rounds of:
5 toes to bar
5 box jump overs

CrossFit Workout
14:00 EMOM
A 10 box jump overs
B 8 toes to bar


:30 cap for both movements. The BJO will be a push.

Accesory Work
3 rounds of:
3-5 strict weighted pullups
12 dumbbell seated cuban presses
50 banded pullaparts

1:00 calf smash/side
1:00 banded lat stretch

Coach’s note
Use this as an opportunity to do BJO a little faster than you normally do. For the toes to bar, it should be a number between 30-50% of your max set. If you can’t do Toes to bar, do toes towards bar today.

Bike for 30:00 straight
Not a test, but at about 90% effort level. “

We’re going to be experimenting with once a week easy aerobic work. This kind of work has been found to improve resting heart rate, sleep, and cardiac function. This should be easy–you should feel better at the end of the workout than at the beginning. If you are really suffering at the end, you did it wrong. I know it feels strange to not push the boundaries, but this work can be incredibly beneficial if you do it right. It is better if you go too easy than if you go too hard.

Warmup- start this at 0
This one doesn’t need much warmup. Get a good stretch, set up your equipment, and then go. You may row,ski, or run instead of the bike if you prefer

CrossFit Workout-start this at 15:00
On a 40:00 clock
2:00 uneven farmer’s carry 16/12 and 12/8 (or 35/25 dumbbell:25/20 dumbbell)
:30 glute bridge
2:00 bike
10 v ups

Easy and aerobic.

3:00 nasal breathing

Coach’s Note
Like the intro said–once a week we’re going to be experimenting with some easy aerobic work. Stay at a pace where you could breathe through your nose or have a conversation the whole time. If you have a heart rate monitor, think 70% effort here.

5 years ago last Friday, we lost a great friend to Front Range CrossFit, Samantha Silverman. Mike’s little sister was a wonderful young woman, who was taken from us all far to early.
We miss you, Sam.
We will be doing her workout today in her honor. She loved to lift heavy, so the listed weights are very heavy. Most of us can’t do those weights. Don’t let that stop you from doing this workout. You will do the workout at a weight that is super heavy for you.
Show up. Go Hard. Because you can.

Warmup start this at 5:00
Do the pullup warmup, then:

Do the barbell warmup, then:

Every :90 for 8 rounds
1 snatch+1 clean and jerk up to your workout weights.

CrossFit Workout start this at 20:00
For time:
1 mile run
24 snatches, 185 lbs (125 lbs)
20 clean and jerks, 225 lbs (155 lbs)
15 muscle-ups
If you can’t do muscle-ups, please do 45 pullups.

This has a 40 minute time cap.

Coach’s Note
We love you Mike. For this one, just do the heaviest weights you can safely do. If you are newer, we can go from the hang for the snatches and clean and jerks. Stay consistent, and push a little harder than normal today.

Warmup start this at 6:00
3 rounds of:
20 du
:20 copenhagen plank/side

CrossFit Workout start this at 12:00
2:00 on, 1:00 off for 10 rounds

20 DU
10 abmat situps
alternate between:

max burpees in remaining time
max bike cals in remaining time

rx+ beaded rope

Accessory Work start this at 45:00
6 rounds of:
12 pike leg lifts
12 hollow rocks
6 barbell hip thrusts (heavier than last week)

Cooldown stat this at 55:00
1:00 sciatic flossing/side
1:00 couch stretch/side

Coach’s Note
If you don’t have DU, do plate hops today–the point is to be moving for the whole 2 minutes, so tripping isn’t the best stimulus today. You should have at least 1:00 to do cals/burpees each round. You may move a bike into your square so that the transition is minimal. If we have enough people that we’re sharing bikes, set up next to your partner and just put the bike in the middle of the square.

Row 1:15 on/1:00 off for 12 rounds

Warmup- start this at 10:00
4 Rounds of:
10 bird dogs
3 paused back squats up to 80%

Lift- start this at 20:00
Back Squat
3×5 between 80-85%

CrossFit Workout start this at 35:00
20 walking lunges
20/16 cal row

Cooldown start this at 52:00
1:00 banded lunge stretch/side
1:00 couch stretch/side

Coach’s Note
This one should be fairly simple. The lunges should be unbroken (it’s 20 total) and the row should be done in under :90 each time. If you can’t lunge, a knee height step up would be an acceptable sub.

Olympic Work
Squat snatch
Every :75 x 8 rounds
1 squat snatch

Goal is to go 75, 77, 79, 81,83, 85, 85, 85%

Adjust for no misses

Warmup start this at 10:00
3 Rounds
12m suitcase carry/side up to wow
10 kipping knee raises
20 double unders

CrossFit Workout start this at 20:00
For time and load:
6 Rounds
12meter unbroken suitcase carry/side (AHAP)
10 box jumps
8 toes to bar
rest 1:00 in between rounds

rx+ 12 of everything

2 scores: time to completion, and weight on the carry

Accessory Work start this at 45:00
3 sets of:
10 dumbbell seated cuban press, slow and controlled
50 banded pullaparts

Cooldown start this at 55:00
1:00 forearm smash
1:00 heart opener

Coach’s Note
25-30% of your deadlift would be a good goal for the suitcase carry. 12m is one length of the floor. Feel free to break the handles out. 🙂 The toes to bar and box jumps should be unbroken, but challenging to keep that in the later rounds.

20:00 bike test
20:00 for max cals.

Anything above 315 for guys and 250 for ladies would be… gnarly.

Pay attention to your average cadence and wattage.

A quick reminder about Birthday workouts–anyone can have them. You can pick a workout, or just the movements. You tell me 2 weeks before hand so I can fit it into the programming, and then we roll.

Happy Birthday Jay!

Warmup start this at 10:00
10:00 of:
2 squat cleans up to 175/115 (or your workout weight). Jerk the second one.
hspu practice

Lift start this at 25:00
Squat Clean and Jerk
10:00 EMOM
Build to a technical heavy–NOT a max. No misses. Think 80-90% of your 1RM

CrossFit Workout start this at 40:00
12:00 time cap

deficit hspu 4″/2″
squat cleans 175/115

If you do not have HSPU, today I want you to pick a heavy push press, and do the same number of reps as the squat cleans.

Cooldown start this at 55:00
1:00 quad stretch
3:00 easy bike

Coach’s Note
This is a variation of the Mayhem classic final workout. If you can do regular HSPU, you can do those instead of a push press. The top scores will probably be in the 6-7 minute range here. The weight should be about 75-80% of your max clean at most. It should be singles the whole way though.

On the 2:15 start x 10 rounds
Row 225/200m

These should be done at 2k-:03-:05 pace

Warmup start this at 10:00
Spend 8:00 on
10/10/10 rowing drills
DU practice
bike sizing

CrossFit Workout start this at 20:00
On a 30:00 running clock:
3 Rounds at each spot on the ladder:
13/10 cal row
13/10 cal bike
20 du

if you finish that, double the reps, and then do another 3 rounds.

3 rounds
27/20 cal row
27/20 cal bike
40 DU

if you finish that, double the reps again, and do another 3 rounds.

continue until the time is up.

Cooldown start this at 55:00
3:00 of nasal breathing

Coach’s Note
This one will start easy and get hard fast. If you are feeling beat up, do do 1:00 easy, 1:00 easy, 20 single unders, and then just double the time every time you finish the 3 rounds. For those of you that are feeling good, get after this one. I think finishing the 3 rounds of 40/40/80 will be a good score.

Warmup start this at 10:00
Do all of crossover symmetry, then:
4 rounds of:
2:00 easy row/bike
4 paused back squats up to 75%
2 overhand grip deadlifts up to lift weight
1 broad jump AFAP

Lift start this at 30:00
Back Squat
2×7 @ 75-80%

Then, 2×2 overhand grip deadlift between 80-90% of your deadlift max

Accessory Work start this at 45:00
3 rounds of:
3-5 weighted pullups or negatives
10 shoulders elevated barbell hip thrusts
3-5 double kb bentover rows (heavy)

Cooldown start this at 55:00
3:00 of box nasal breathing

Coach’s Note
Heavy day! Prioritize a great back position on the deadlifts. We’re sticking with the double overhand grip to have better transfer to our olympic lifts. You may hook grip if you want. For the pullups, focus on getting those lats engaged, and then pull as fast as you can.

Olympic Work
10:00 EMOM up to something heavy
NOT a max. 80-90%. A clean, heavy lift. If you miss, take 10-20 pounds off and stay there for the rest of the time.


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