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Do all of crossover symmetry

Supplemental Work
3 sets of:
10 half kneeling landmine presses/arm
50m waiter’s carry/arm
3-5 unbroken strict hspu or strict hspu practice
:30 pallof press/side

CrossFit Workout
Partition as desired, 35:00 cap
300/200 cal bike
100 pushups

rx+ 50 strict hspu

1:00 pec smash
1:00 foam roll with arms overhead

Coach’s Note
This is like the middle of Murph or 20.5— you can split it up however you want. Would NOT recommend doing it unpartitioned. I think for most people 10 rounds of 30/20 and 10 or 20 rounds of 15/10 and 5 would be the best choice. Can anyone hold 20 pushups unbroken and get it done in 5 rounds?

18 rounds of:
:15 run
:45 rest

If it’s too cold/icy to run, pick a machine.

10:00 of:
Clean and Jerk/Sumo Deadlift warmup
10 bird dogs/side
:20 hollow hold

12:00 to accumulate, all at 65% of your lowest max
10 Power cleans
10 clean and jerks
30 Sumo deadlifts

You may touch and go, or do these as singles. Treat this as an opportunity to get good at lifting under mild fatigue

If you’re unsure what to do this at, 135/95-155/105 is probably a good range for most people.

CrossFit Workout
Front Squats
Toes to bar x 2


BMU (not x 2)

4:00 quad foam roll (total)

Coach’s Note
The front squats should be unbroken, but heavy. These are from the ground, but if your clean limits how heavy you can front squat, I would rather you go heavier from the rack than lighter from the ground. The toes to bar should be no more than 2 sets.

Cycling work
3×10 touch and go power snatches @ 55% of 1rm power snatch

rest as needed in between sets

if you can’t do 10 unbroken at 55, go as heavy as you can do 10 unbroken.

3:00 easy bike, then
3 rounds of :20 hard, :40 easy

then rest walk for 4:00

CrossFit Workout
10:00 bike for max calories

Start off way slower than you think you need to

4 giant sets for quality
10 single leg rdls/leg
:15 l sit
10 back extensions
10-15 GHDs

1:00 couch stretch
as long as possible easy walk/row/move

Coach’s Note
This one is going to hurt. The goal is to make it hurt in the right places. Make it feel like 80% effort through 6 minutes, then try to bump it up each minute from there. The reason we’re doing this is to give you an idea of what you’re capable of. Your average RPM on this is a decent number for what you should hold in most workouts.

Extra Work
Do lots of mobility. Lots of it.

Do the snatch empty barbell warmup, then:

3 rounds of:
6 pause bench press up to 65% (just a quick pause at the chest)
3 burpee box jumps
:20 side plank/side

Bench Press

3×20 side leaning lateral raises/side
1:00 rest in between sets

CrossFit Workout
20:00 AMRAP
2 strict pullups
3 hang power snatches 75/55
4 burpee box jumps 24/20

rx+ 3/4/5

1:00 calf smash
1:00 forearm smash

Coach’s Note
Merry-go-round! Someone could get 25 rounds in this. I think the average will be 15-17 rounds. Use the BBJ to rest your grip before you go back to the pullups and HPS. If you can’t do strict pullups, set your box up in front of some rings and do feet elevated ring rows instead. It’s a down week for the lifting, so only one set this week. Hit it hard, and focus on moving the reps perfectly.

25:00 bike
Every 5:00 until 20:00, sprint for 5-10 seconds
after the 20th minute, finish out the bike but don’t sprint at the end

Skill Work
8:00 for quality of:
1:30 top of ring support (acc)
:60 bottom of ring support
max sets of unbroken strict ring dips @30% of max set

For example. My max set of strict ring dips is 10. It takes me 5:00 to do the support work. In the remaining 3:00 I would do as many unbroken sets of 3 ring dips (30%) as I can.

8:00 EMOM
2 back squats+2 shoulder to oh up to 70%, 1st squat paused. Stop the s2o after you get above wow


Every 3:00 for 3 rounds
7 back squats between 75-80%

CrossFit Workout
For time
40/28 cal bike
20 shoulder to overhead 155/105

If you finish the bike in less than :75, you get to do 12 shoulder to overhead instead of 20.

2:30 cap for the bike

Rx+ 185/125

5:00 of nasal breathing with your feet on the wall

Coach’s Note
This should be an absolute sprint. The bike calories should be about 10/7 calories more than you can really sprint–but not so many that you have to really pace it out. Think something akin to an all out 400m run or 500m row. The shoulder to overhead should be heavy enough that 20 unbroken is really hard.

Extra Work
6×2 Power snatch between 78-88%

Immidiately into 45:00 of rowing at 70%. Every 5:00, sprint 8 burpees

3 rounds of:
3 dumbbell lunges/leg
30 du or du practice
3 power snatches to WOW

CrossFit Workout
50 DU
10 double dumbbell front rack walking lunge 50/35
10 Power snatches 95/65


Accessory Work
15:00 for quality
1:00 nasal breathing on a machine
25m heavy suitcase carry/hand
10 single leg banded glute bridges/side
:30 side plank/side

1:00 banded lunge stretch/side
1:00 lazy side plank/side

Coach’s Note
This workout should be between 8-13 minutes. The DU should be no more than 2 sets. The lunges should be unbroken, and the power snatches should be somewhere in the 50-60% of your max power snatch. If you can’t do DU, do plate jumps instead.

:30 row/bike/ski
1:30 rest
x15 rounds

Use the same machine for all 15 rounds

Then, do 10:00 of
1 clean and jerk + 2 sumo deadlits up to strength weight
Ring muscle up practice in between

Every 2:30 for 6 rounds
1 Power clean+ 1 clean and jerk+ 4 sumo deadlifts

Be between 78 and 88% of your lowest 1rm of the 3 lifts

CrossFit Workout
“Nasty Girls”
3 RFT with a 15:00 cap
50 air squats
10 hang power cleans 135/95

1:00 pec smash/side
1:00 couch stretch/side

Coach’s Note
If you’ve never seen the original Nasty Girls Video, youtube it. Strictish L-sit muscle ups for multiple reps in a row, crazy fast air squats, 135/95 is really heavy. Awesome blast from the past! The HPC should be no more than 2 sets. The RMU should be less than 2:00 worth of MU when you’re fresh. If you can’t do RMU do 2-3 sets of pullups and dips, with a max of 14 and 14.

Gymnastics Work
50 Toes to bar for time


4×4 strict weighted pullups


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