A reminder–tomorrow we’re cleaning out/taking down the storeroom. Open gym is 11-2, we’d love any help we can get. Super bowl party is 4:30 at John and Amaria’s house. All are welcome!

Warmup start this at 10:00
Do all of Crossover symmetry, then:
4 rounds of:
3 paused bench up to workout weight
4 devil’s presses
4 front squats

Lift start this at 25:00
Bench Press
3×5 between 80-85%

CrossFit Workout start this at 40:00
Devil’s press 2x 35/25
DB front squats 2x 35/25

rx+ 2×45/30

Cooldown start this at 55:00
1:00 forearm smash
then easy movement for as long as you have time

Coach’s Note
This one will feel interminable in the middle sets, but as long as you keep moving on the devil’s presses, you will be fine. You’re halfway done after round of 8! The squats should be light, the devil’s presses should be moderate.

5 sets of:
5-4-3-2-1 Unbroken strict HSPU

rest 1:1

So–you’ll do 5 unbroken strict hspu, kick down. Do 4 as soon as you feel ready, all the way down to 1. You have to come off the wall in between sets. After you’re done with 1, you rest for as long as 5-1 took you, and then do it all over again.