We’re going to be experimenting with once a week easy aerobic work. This kind of work has been found to improve resting heart rate, sleep, and cardiac function. This should be easy–you should feel better at the end of the workout than at the beginning. If you are really suffering at the end, you did it wrong. I know it feels strange to not push the boundaries, but this work can be incredibly beneficial if you do it right. It is better if you go too easy than if you go too hard.

Warmup- start this at 0
This one doesn’t need much warmup. Get a good stretch, set up your equipment, and then go. You may row,ski, or run instead of the bike if you prefer

CrossFit Workout-start this at 15:00
On a 40:00 clock
2:00 uneven farmer’s carry 16/12 and 12/8 (or 35/25 dumbbell:25/20 dumbbell)
:30 glute bridge
2:00 bike
10 v ups

Easy and aerobic.

3:00 nasal breathing

Coach’s Note
Like the intro said–once a week we’re going to be experimenting with some easy aerobic work. Stay at a pace where you could breathe through your nose or have a conversation the whole time. If you have a heart rate monitor, think 70% effort here.