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Class Descriptions

CrossFit is a broad, general, and inclusive fitness, made up of an intelligently selected variety of functional movements, done at a level of intensity appropriate for that individual. We believe this will prepare you for the demands of a healthy, active life.

The CrossFit Workout of the Day (WOD) includes a stretch, general warmup, specific warmup, the workout, and a cooldown. It may also include a lift. The WOD is always changing, each day brings new challenges. You will never get bored of your CrossFit workout!

CrossFit Skills Private Sessions are the entry point into our CrossFit program. During these 8-10 sessions, you will learn the skills necessary to integrate smoothly and safely into our regular group CrossFit workouts. Each session will include a dynamic stretch, specific skill training and practice, as well as a CrossFit timed workout. This program starts with an evaluation, we discuss your needs, and how CrossFit and FRCF may fit those needs. Your Skills Coach will follow your progress throughout your membership at FRCF and help you to achieve your long term goals.

After our 9-session skills training, you are ready to safely take any class that we offer. However, some athletes are more comfortable in a class environment designed for newer athletes. Our foundations class covers all the staples of CrossFit–Olympic and Power lifting, high level gymnastics, and conditioning, but focuses on the more technical movements outside of a workout setting, and focuses more on grunt work, low skill style conditioning workouts to lay the foundation for years of fitness. This class meets 6 times a week, at 8am and 6:30pm on Monday/Wednesday/Friday. 

Saturday 8-9 am

The Boot Camp workout is designed to build work capacity, cardiovascular and respiratory endurance. It is a “CrossFit-style” workout without barbells. The workouts will test your fortitude, grit, will power and character. You will not be yelled at from a drill Sargent, you will be coached and guided to perform your best and improve your ability to reach your goals.

There is no intro classes need to join in. So come for a Free trial.

Our skilled coaches will teach you everything you need to know during the classes. We will demo the movements and coach you through correct form and technique.

All body-types welcome! We are here to get you fit from what-ever your starting point in a supportive and positive environment.

Monday through Friday from 12-2 pm

Sometimes it is hard to get out of work on time to make a Noon workout. That no longer means you are not going to the gym! Now you can fit in your workout and your lunch on your work schedule. Or, maybe you just need to get in your lift today and you can only get in at Noon. 

We have heard our athletes ask for more flex time around the work-lunch hour and now you have it. Enjoy your workout!

Our Philosophy

One of the unique things about FRCF programming is the fact that every athlete that works out at FRCF does the same timed workout. CrossFit is infinitely scalable and your FRCF Coaches are very, very good at making sure that the workout is modified for ANY fitness level. This philosophy gels our community into one whole, without cliques. It also allows each member to have their workout personally scaled to their needs. And, we have found, it allows for faster growth to achieving workouts as prescribed, without modifications.

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