A quick reminder about Birthday workouts–anyone can have them. You can pick a workout, or just the movements. You tell me 2 weeks before hand so I can fit it into the programming, and then we roll.

Happy Birthday Jay!

Warmup start this at 10:00
10:00 of:
2 squat cleans up to 175/115 (or your workout weight). Jerk the second one.
hspu practice

Lift start this at 25:00
Squat Clean and Jerk
10:00 EMOM
Build to a technical heavy–NOT a max. No misses. Think 80-90% of your 1RM

CrossFit Workout start this at 40:00
12:00 time cap

deficit hspu 4″/2″
squat cleans 175/115

If you do not have HSPU, today I want you to pick a heavy push press, and do the same number of reps as the squat cleans.

Cooldown start this at 55:00
1:00 quad stretch
3:00 easy bike

Coach’s Note
This is a variation of the Mayhem classic final workout. If you can do regular HSPU, you can do those instead of a push press. The top scores will probably be in the 6-7 minute range here. The weight should be about 75-80% of your max clean at most. It should be singles the whole way though.

On the 2:15 start x 10 rounds
Row 225/200m

These should be done at 2k-:03-:05 pace