Warmup start this at 10:00
Spend 8:00 on
10/10/10 rowing drills
DU practice
bike sizing

CrossFit Workout start this at 20:00
On a 30:00 running clock:
3 Rounds at each spot on the ladder:
13/10 cal row
13/10 cal bike
20 du

if you finish that, double the reps, and then do another 3 rounds.

3 rounds
27/20 cal row
27/20 cal bike
40 DU

if you finish that, double the reps again, and do another 3 rounds.

continue until the time is up.

Cooldown start this at 55:00
3:00 of nasal breathing

Coach’s Note
This one will start easy and get hard fast. If you are feeling beat up, do do 1:00 easy, 1:00 easy, 20 single unders, and then just double the time every time you finish the 3 rounds. For those of you that are feeling good, get after this one. I think finishing the 3 rounds of 40/40/80 will be a good score.