Warmup-start this at 10 past
12:00 to warm up your back squat to 85%

Lift-start this at 20 past
Back Squat
3×4 @85%
Last set, max reps

Then, do a few thrusters and toes to bar

CrossFit Workout-start this at 45 past
10:00 AMRAP
7 thrusters 95/65
7 toes to bar

rx+ 10 and 10

Cooldown-start this at 55 past
2:00 quad roll

Coach’s Note
These sets should be easy unbroken sets. I want you to get at least 5 rounds. I think that someone could certainly keep this an EMOM. If we can’t do toes to bar, do hanging knee raises. If the thruster weight isn’t unbroken, drop the weight.

Gymnastics Volume Work
3×8:00 EMOM
1st emom: 33% of max set of RMU
2nd emom: 33% of max set of BMU
3rd emom: 33% of max set of C2B

rest 5:00 in between EMOMs