Warmup-start this at 10 past
10:00 of:
3 clean and jerks at/up to opening weight
:45 easy movement

CrossFit Workout–start this at 25 past
Every 90 for 15 rounds
4 lateral burpees over the bar
1 Clean and jerk
Start at 95/65 and add 10/5 pounds/ round (guys/girls)

Ladies, every 3rd round (3,6,9,12,15) add 10 pounds instead of 5.

If you miss, drop 20/10 pounds and then stay there for the rest of the workout.

Rx+ Start at 165/105

Accesory Work start this at 45 past
10:00 of
5-8 Strict dips
10 half kneeling landmine presses/arm
:30 pallof press/side
20 side leaning lateral raises

Cooldown start this at 55 past
1:00 couch stretch/leg

Coaching Note
This one is going to have plenty of rest, so you’re going to get heavy. You may do any style of clean and jerk you like. It will demand precision under fatigue–one miss and you drop weight and stay there for the rest of the class. Today is heavy, but it’s not a maxout day–that will come in about 4 weeks.

Oly extra
Power snatch waves: