Warmup–start this at 10 past
Every :90 for 8 rounds
A 4 Bench Press @ 3111 up to strength weight+ 4 dumbbell power cleans up to wow
B :45 of kipping chest to bar warm up and practice:

Round 1: 10 Kip swings
Round 2: 4-6 elevator kip swings
Round 3: 4-6 kipping pullups or box kipping pullups
Round 4: 4-6 kipping c2b or box c2b

If you are doing RMU, replace this with RMU warmup

Lift-start this at 25 past
Bench Press
3×4 @85%
last set, max reps

CrossFit Workout-start this at 40 past
12:00 AMRAP
10 strict press 75/55
8 chest to bar
6 dumbbell hang power cleans 2×50/35

rx+4 RMU

Cooldown-start this at 55 past
1:00 pec smash/side
1:00 heart opener

Coach’s Note
The strict press should be light enough to go unbroken for a few rounds. The chest to bar should be a moderate amount–no more than half of your max set. If we can’t do chest to bar, scale to regular pullups or something challenging for you in the pulling department. The dumbbells should be awkward and somewhat annoying to keep unbroken. The average in this one will be around 5 rounds. I think that someone might be able to get 7 full rounds done.

15:00 bike @ about 85-90% of your 10:00 test average RPM

This should feel like a 90% effort level–not a test.