Warmupstart this at 10 past
4 rounds of increasing effort
10/7 cal bike
10 hollow rocks
:30 goblet squat hold (increase weight each round)
20 double unders
rest :60

Start easy, get pretty hard by the 4th round

Plyo Workstart this at 25 past
6 rounds of:
1 broad jump, as far as possible
rest :60-:90 in between jumps

Then do a few more box jumps and squats

CrossFit Workout start this at 35 past
For time:
60/42 cal bike
50 elevated situps 12/8
40 box jump overs 24/20
30 goblet squats 32/24

Rx+28/24 bjo

Cooldown start this at 55 past
2:00 of sciactic nerve flossing

Coach’s Note
This one will test your ability to keep moving as the leg fatigue gets progressively worse. The fastest people should come in somewhere in the 10 minute range, while most of us will be in the 12-15 minutes range. The bike should not take longer than 5:00, and the situps and squats should be no more than 3 sets.

6 Rounds
3:00 row
2:00 rest