Warmup: Start this at 10 past
4 rounds of increasing effort:
4 back squats up to strength weight
6 single arm kb fr lunges (total)
8 vups
1:00 row/bike/ski

rest 1:00 in between sets

This is a warmup, don’t turn it into a workout.

Lift Start this at 30 past
Back Squat
1×12 @65%

Move it perfectly, then move on.

CrossFit Workout Start this at 40 past
10:00 AMRAP
10 single arm kb fr lunges 16/12 right arm
12 vups
10 single armkb fr lunges 16/12 left arm
12 russian twists 16/12

rx+ 20/16

Cooldown start this at 55 past
1:00 banded lunge stretch
1:00 banded pigeon

Coach’s Note
I think that 4-5 rounds will be the average. It’s 10 lunges total each time. Do all of them on the right arm (alternating legs) for the first set, left arm for the second set. If the kb is too heavy to go unbroken on everything, drop the weight. The twists are L+R=1.

32:00 fasted row. Same speed the whole way–about 70% effort.