Do all of crossover symmetry

Supplemental Work
3 sets of:
10 half kneeling landmine presses/arm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTp9k_M8ZrE
50m waiter’s carry/arm
3-5 unbroken strict hspu or strict hspu practice
:30 pallof press/side

CrossFit Workout
Partition as desired, 35:00 cap
300/200 cal bike
100 pushups

rx+ 50 strict hspu

1:00 pec smash
1:00 foam roll with arms overhead

Coach’s Note
This is like the middle of Murph or 20.5— you can split it up however you want. Would NOT recommend doing it unpartitioned. I think for most people 10 rounds of 30/20 and 10 or 20 rounds of 15/10 and 5 would be the best choice. Can anyone hold 20 pushups unbroken and get it done in 5 rounds?

18 rounds of:
:15 run
:45 rest

If it’s too cold/icy to run, pick a machine.