10:00 of:
Clean and Jerk/Sumo Deadlift warmup
10 bird dogs/side
:20 hollow hold

12:00 to accumulate, all at 65% of your lowest max
10 Power cleans
10 clean and jerks
30 Sumo deadlifts

You may touch and go, or do these as singles. Treat this as an opportunity to get good at lifting under mild fatigue

If you’re unsure what to do this at, 135/95-155/105 is probably a good range for most people.

CrossFit Workout
Front Squats
Toes to bar x 2


BMU (not x 2)

4:00 quad foam roll (total)

Coach’s Note
The front squats should be unbroken, but heavy. These are from the ground, but if your clean limits how heavy you can front squat, I would rather you go heavier from the rack than lighter from the ground. The toes to bar should be no more than 2 sets.

Cycling work
3×10 touch and go power snatches @ 55% of 1rm power snatch

rest as needed in between sets

if you can’t do 10 unbroken at 55, go as heavy as you can do 10 unbroken.