3:00 easy bike, then
3 rounds of :20 hard, :40 easy

then rest walk for 4:00

CrossFit Workout
10:00 bike for max calories

Start off way slower than you think you need to

4 giant sets for quality
10 single leg rdls/leg
:15 l sit
10 back extensions
10-15 GHDs

1:00 couch stretch
as long as possible easy walk/row/move

Coach’s Note
This one is going to hurt. The goal is to make it hurt in the right places. Make it feel like 80% effort through 6 minutes, then try to bump it up each minute from there. The reason we’re doing this is to give you an idea of what you’re capable of. Your average RPM on this is a decent number for what you should hold in most workouts.

Extra Work
Do lots of mobility. Lots of it.