Do the snatch empty barbell warmup, then:

3 rounds of:
6 pause bench press up to 65% (just a quick pause at the chest)
3 burpee box jumps
:20 side plank/side

Bench Press

3×20 side leaning lateral raises/side
1:00 rest in between sets

CrossFit Workout
20:00 AMRAP
2 strict pullups
3 hang power snatches 75/55
4 burpee box jumps 24/20

rx+ 3/4/5

1:00 calf smash
1:00 forearm smash

Coach’s Note
Merry-go-round! Someone could get 25 rounds in this. I think the average will be 15-17 rounds. Use the BBJ to rest your grip before you go back to the pullups and HPS. If you can’t do strict pullups, set your box up in front of some rings and do feet elevated ring rows instead. It’s a down week for the lifting, so only one set this week. Hit it hard, and focus on moving the reps perfectly.

25:00 bike
Every 5:00 until 20:00, sprint for 5-10 seconds
after the 20th minute, finish out the bike but don’t sprint at the end