3 rounds of:
3 dumbbell lunges/leg
30 du or du practice
3 power snatches to WOW

CrossFit Workout
50 DU
10 double dumbbell front rack walking lunge 50/35
10 Power snatches 95/65


Accessory Work
15:00 for quality
1:00 nasal breathing on a machine
25m heavy suitcase carry/hand
10 single leg banded glute bridges/side
:30 side plank/side

1:00 banded lunge stretch/side
1:00 lazy side plank/side

Coach’s Note
This workout should be between 8-13 minutes. The DU should be no more than 2 sets. The lunges should be unbroken, and the power snatches should be somewhere in the 50-60% of your max power snatch. If you can’t do DU, do plate jumps instead.

:30 row/bike/ski
1:30 rest
x15 rounds

Use the same machine for all 15 rounds