Then, do 10:00 of
1 clean and jerk + 2 sumo deadlits up to strength weight
Ring muscle up practice in between

Every 2:30 for 6 rounds
1 Power clean+ 1 clean and jerk+ 4 sumo deadlifts

Be between 78 and 88% of your lowest 1rm of the 3 lifts

CrossFit Workout
“Nasty Girls”
3 RFT with a 15:00 cap
50 air squats
10 hang power cleans 135/95

1:00 pec smash/side
1:00 couch stretch/side

Coach’s Note
If you’ve never seen the original Nasty Girls Video, youtube it. Strictish L-sit muscle ups for multiple reps in a row, crazy fast air squats, 135/95 is really heavy. Awesome blast from the past! The HPC should be no more than 2 sets. The RMU should be less than 2:00 worth of MU when you’re fresh. If you can’t do RMU do 2-3 sets of pullups and dips, with a max of 14 and 14.

Gymnastics Work
50 Toes to bar for time


4×4 strict weighted pullups